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Join me for the Complete Mind, Body and Spirit Transformation Program

I invite you to a complete Mind, Body and Spirit Transformation in just 12 weeks.

Join me as I guide you on a spiritual journey of discovery to enlightenment, releasing anxiety, self-doubt and limiting beliefs for a winning mindset and unshakable confidence.

This program is designed around a 5 part framework and if you choose to work with me, we're going to work together over the next 3 months on this framework.

Now, the first thing we focus on is helping you develop emotional intelligence. The reason I start off with emotional intelligence is because this is the basis of success and it can be developed. Studies have found that success is not based on IQ but EQ. What that means for you is what we're covering in the rest of the program will stick and be long lasting and not just be like a new year's resolution, here today, gone tomorrow. The benefit of that is life changing.

The second thing we're going to focus on is strategies for stress reduction and the reason we do this is because if you let life's stress run you, you don't move foreward in life and the benefit of that is you are in control.

The third thing we focus on is how you can develop personal power and what that means is you will have the guts to stand up to your internal fears. To stand up to the people who feels like they're against you and what that means for you is you'll start to build your confidence and take your power back.

And then we dive into strategies to overcome fear, doubts and insecurities, so you'll have a process when they show up, you'll know how to work through it. Now, how is this going to benefit you? It opens room in your life for more happiness, success and fulfillment.

and then we're going to unlock the secrets to happiness where I'll show you how to find happiness within yourself instead of things, situations and people.

Even the best strategy won’t succeed without the right mindset to implement it, the mind is the key to sustained success.

To do that on a massively successful scale, I’m combining a few elements into one program to help you achieve the best results faster.

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Certified Transformation Life Coach, join me on a Spiritual Journey to enlightenment and let me help you take your power back.


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In this program, I take you by the hand...

We journey together, side by side as I help you release anxiety, limiting beliefs and self-doubt to live a life with a winning mindset and unshakable confidence.


What You Get When You Join The Complete Mind, Body And Spirit Transformation Program

What We Cover In The Complete Mind, Body And Spirit Transformation Program

Breakdown Of The Lessons

  • Week 1: Mindset: You will learn more about journaling, and the lessons are on present moment awareness, what is emotional intelligence, understanding emotional intelligence strengths and weaknesses, and biological and psychological foundations, emotional resilience.
  • Week 2: Developing emotional awareness: Here we cover the emotional scale, understanding and recognizing your emotions, what are your emotions telling you, identifying underlying thoughts, identifying triggers, quality vs safe problems, pain and pleasure. This includes worksheets to help you.
  • Week 3: Managing emotions: Here we cover momentum, centering yourself, stopping negative emotions with the 5 second rule, balancing emotional responses with physical actions, getting in a flow state, positive trigger phases, NLP restructuring and anchoring.
  • Week 4: Empowering thoughts and beliefs: Covering reframing your thoughts, limiting beliefs, affirmations and NLP recoding.
  • Week 5: Stress reduction: Covering lessons in life stressors and the stress cliff, exercise, good digestion, relaxation and identifying stress reduction activities to implement.
  • Week 6: Personal Power: Taking back control (circle of influence and locus of control), putting yourself first, confronting yourself, laughing at yourself, practicing confidence and certainty, practicing hope and joy, unconditional emotions.
  • Week 7: Overcoming self-doubt: 4 Self-doubt traps, developing competence, finding your zone of proximal (or optimal) development.
  • Week 8: Overcoming fear: Overcoming fear and fear setting activity.
  • Week 9: Assessing confidence: Identifying areas of low confidence, confidence assessment and asset inventory (to find strengths and weaknesses)
  • Week 10: Growth mindset: With mindset assessment, developing a growth mindset part 1: Awareness, Part 2: Perspective and Part 3: Action
  • Week 11: Self talk and Brain training tools: Reframing your thoughts, uncovering the lies self -talk activity, improving communication skills and improving listening skills.
  • Week 12: The secrets to happiness: Unlocking the 6 layers to find your happiness within.

Fast Action Bonuses

Extra Bonuses:

Power Of Visualization Course

Unshakable Confidence

365 Manifestation Power


Several months ago, Lorinda came to me with feeling negative about herself.

In her words:

“I got angry at myself for not being perfect. I was thinking negatively about myself, my situations, my husband, about God, about my intelligence, about other people because when I’m perfect nobody will be able to scold me or judge me and scolding and judgement hurts and I want to avoid getting hurt by people. One of my biggest problems was I trusted in people’s opinions too much.”

It was especially challenging because of comparing herself to others, like she stated it in her own words:

“Because I was comparing myself to other people, especially other women who was skinnier and more beautiful and intelligent. And I wanted to control people because if I can control their behavior, then I won’t get hurt because the way they behaved against me caused certain emotions inside of me.”

And it was impacting the rest of her life as well as you can see in her statement here:

“It caused great stress and insecurity and I withdrew myself from people, like I would build a wall so that they can’t come near me and find fold or judge or scold me. And I felt sorry for myself. I went in to self pity when people did scold me or judge me. It happened anyway. They judged me anyway, and scolded me even when I tried to withdraw.”

While a part of her was hopeful, another part of her felt like she was going to be stuck with this forever.

After the first week of working with me, Lorinda has had a big shift, also stated in her own words, she said: “I think I had my first major shift a week into the course. I realized why I was acting and thinking the way I did and I have the power to change my circumstances with positive thinking and I realized why I’m acting the way I did.”

And now, her life is quite strikingly different, like she said in her own words, “I don’t get so easily mad at people anymore. I used to be angry for a day or two when people judged me or scolded me and now I get over it much quicker. Like I would be mad for half an hour or an hour and I would just say to myself, ‘Get over it, it’s not so bad.'”

My entire perception around money has also changed because I used to worry and have anxiety about money and since my perception changed there’s less anxiety and more money. She taught me about speaking prosperity over our food cupboards and the fridge things has changed so much from lack to more than enough.

She also helped me release the fear I had around God not blessing us if we don’t give tenth and I saw it manifest in my life because my fear changed, God did bless us anyway.

She also helped me to use the correct affirmations for instance to stop saying, ‘I’m not fat,’ and say ‘every day I’m getting thinner and thinner.'”

Helping people shift from having limiting beliefs and low self-esteem to having a missive mindset transformation gives me more joy than you could possibly know. That’s why I do what I do.

Because I love seeing my clients get free from the beliefs that are holding them back.

And, while I can’t promise that this happens for all of my clients as quickly as it happened for Lorinda, I have discovered that if you want freedom and control over your life badly enough, it’s usually only a matter of time (and high level guidance) before you get there.

Lorinda Prank (Homemaker)

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But, you should at least give the 1:1 session, FlowCode Exercises and Lessons a chance to do their work. Everything won't just change overnight.

When you ask your money back, you lose access to 1:1 calls, Weekly FlowClub, FlowHub7 and course material immediately.


Who Is Linda and What Does She Do?

Normally when you landed on this page, you'll know who I am, but let's assume someone else sent you here and you don't know, you can learn more about me from my About page and Homepage

What Is The FlowClub?

When you purchase now, you'll get access to my FlowClub, to learn more about this group program, you can take a look here.

When will we have our 1:1 session?

As soon as you did your payment, you will receive a link to Calendly where you can book your 1:1 call

When will I get access to the rest of the course?

After 7 days you will receive access to Week 2 material. This is to ensure that you do the videos and work related to week 1 during the week, knowing that you'll receive Week 2 material and there after every week's material every 7 days.

What do I get immediately after I pay?

Except for the link to book your call, you receive the link for our Zoom Group meeting in FlowClub, plus access to Week 1.

Why the insane discount?

This is the pilot program, so the price will go up after the first 12 week program

When will I get access to FlowHub7

In the bonuses you get 3 months access to FlowHub7. The access is given manually, so we'll wait for them to grant access, but as soon as the email is receive, you'll receive your login details.

How Do I Get My Bonus Hypnosis with Mohammad

I will give your contact details to Mohammad who will then give you his Calendly link to book your Hypnosis session.


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